By Wendy Bartosic from Enola, PA on April 18, 2006
Category: Ceclor CD (Oral)

My husband starting taking Ceclor 9 days ago for a urinary track infection. Two days into taking to med, he developed the usual diarrhea. but also was complaining of an itchy head and had slight facial swelling. He stopped the Ceclor and took Benadryl and oral Rantidine. On the fifth day he woke in the middle of the night with SEVERE hives, gastric pain, swelling of the mouth and eyes, and was having trouble breathing. We went to ER and epinephrine along with IV Zantac was given. After one hour at the ER, the hives resolved and he was sent home four hours after arrival. He was given a script for Prednisone 20mg TID x 5 days and told to keep taking the Benadryl. The same thing happened AGAIN on day seven AND eight. Both times with severe hives, swelling of face, terrible gastric pain and trouble breathing. We went to the ER again for these episodes. This is day nine and he STILL has hives, some gastric pain and facial swelling. He it taking Rantidine 150mg QID, Prednisone 20mg TID and Benadryl 50mg QID. I'm wondering if this is from the Ceclor. What can I do to make it go away. He has a known allergy to sulfa and Cipro. We've added Ceclor to the list.

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