Why can't I get pregnant?

By anonymous from florida on April 11, 2006
Category: Pregnancy

hi, i just have one simple question. i have been trying to conceive. i would say about ten different times. But nothing has happened so far, i did get me period. Could that mean that iam not able to have a baby or there is a problem with my partner, or i just have not been lucky yet. and it could still happen?

Problems getting pregnant!

My husband and I have been trying to conceive a child now for over a years. My doctor put me on Prenatal vitamins to possibly help the process. Also, my husband's doctor told me the best times to try and conceive. I am 25 and my husband is 29 so I know there's no age problems with us being too old. My husband also had his hormone levels tested from his doctor and everything showed normal. Is there some kind of herbs that could help with fertility? Also can me being stressed out everytime when I start my period make me not conceive? Please help me and my husband so we can grow our new family. Thank you.

By Jennifer Blackaby from Shawnee,KS on March 12, 2007 | Reply |

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