How to use misoprostol for an abortion

By joyce from phillippines on April 09, 2006
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I did take cytotec las march 7 and last march 20 i take 3 tablets on my first attempt and 6 on may last attempt my stomach felt cramping but I dont bleed what will i do??? I would like to know what is the proper procedure yo use cytotec? By the way I think I am 3 months pregnant?

gnun pa din

I can share my experience about this medicine well its not really me who have experience it but my friend.My friend did use 3 tablets;1 tablet to be drunk and the other two was inserted inside her .There after she did that she did bleed but that was last month and this month she had'nt have her period yet.Can somebody help me too is the procedure wrong or what? Counting from the last month she really had her period was last 3 months from now not accounting the month she bleed after using the medicine.

By jack from baguio city,philippines on July 20, 2006 | Reply |

i also need help

hi i also need your help with regards to this matter.. if you think you can help please email me at i'd be glad to hear from anyone of you.. and i wonder where can i buy a preg test there in baguio? may benta ba dyan? salamat ulit.

By needshelp from La Union, Philippines on September 09, 2006 | Reply |

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