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By carolann taylor from north yorkshire, england on April 04, 2006
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I have had a mineral test using a sample of my hair. i received the results and all info gained by test. the company have advise me to take the following supplements for a period of three months then have a second test.
Para pack, adrenal complex, min-plex b, potassium plus, zmc plus, hcl plus, vitamin e plus. I would like to know if taking all these at the same time would be ok.
Many thanks Carolann Taylor

Advice following Mineral Check

I have just had my results from Mineral Check. I have a similar list to you but I cannot answer your question directly. I am currently taking a multivitamin, cinamon, glucare (diabetes), glyconutrients and drinling 3 lires of green drink per day. All this seems ok and have done wonders for my sugar levels in just over a month. I have also mad a massive diet change. What do you think of the Mineral Check? My wife who is studying to be a doctor says its rubbish!!!


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