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By Mad Kacker from USA on March 30, 2006
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I have been taking Verapamil for one week 120 mg twice a day. Earlier for more than a year I was on Atenolot and Norvasc. I have a history of chest angina. Doctor has already tested thru angiogram that there is no blockage.

I do not notice any improvement in my problem of chest discomfort when I walk uphill after trying this new medicine (verpamil) for a week. On the other hand I am
experiencing constipation. Should I try this medicine for more time?

Is constipation a normal side effect? How should I handle it?

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I have been taking Verapamil for one month now and I have found that taking a fiber pill 1x a day

in addition to additional water intake has put me back on track.



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