breastfeeding while on Jolivette birth control

By Jessie from Boiling Springs, SC on March 18, 2006
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started taking Jolivette oral birth control 6 weeks after birth of daughter. doctor prescribed them due to breastfeeding. 6 months later, still breastfeeding. have not gotten a period since started taking birth control. worried pregnant. took pregnancy test. negative. should I wait longer to take test? is it normal to not have period at all while on birth control and breastfeeding?

No period either

I, too have not had a period yet while on Jolivette.  When my doctor prescribed it for me, he indicated that I would not get my period, but I don't remember how long he said I would go without one.  He said these were the best birth control pills if you breastfeed (which I do).  My daughter is also now 6 months old, I now am weaning down to only one nursing a day, so maybe my period will come back soon.  Not sure.

By Teri Ritter from Woodbridge, VA on November 08, 2006 | Reply |


To be safe, I would call the doctor. But I do know that while breastfeeding it is normal for your period to be absent for a while.

By Heather from New York on March 28, 2007 | Reply |

breastfeeding and taking jolivette

While your breastfeeding and taking jolivette, you wont have your period. only when you decide to stop breastfeeding do you need to contact your doctor. Your doctor will end up prescribing you a regular birth control with all the hormones. If you dont change birth controls after you decide to stop breastfeeding, it could cause problems with your period.I cant remember exactly what the side effects are besides pregnancy, and period problems, but you can ask your ob/gyn. 

By Katrina E from Chicago, IL on March 06, 2009 | Reply |

I am the new one

I am the new one

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