Is it safe to take Zoloft for depression whilst on Verapamil?

By Judy from Australia on March 10, 2006
Category: Verapamil

I am taking Verapamil (240mgs SR daily) after episodes of ventricular tachycardia possibly caused by long term Lyme disease. I was not hypertensive prior to having it prescribed.
I am currently very depressed. I'm 10 weeks post a complicated compacted fractured neck of humerus so the depression could be classified as reactive. However, I do have a history of depression in times of stress or adversity. My GP recently suggested taking antidepressants (Zoloft) but I haven't taken any for years and not since being on Verapamil. Hence my question about the safety or any possible interreactions between Verapamil and Zoloft.

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