Dental Health Decline with ongoing Actiq use

By Melissa Bouse from Coldwater, MI on March 04, 2006
Category: Actiq (Oral)

I have been diagnosed with RSD/CRPS (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) approximately 2 years after a fall on the ice in 1999. Prior to the diagnosis I had underwent 2 MUI (Manipulation Under Anesthesia) for frozen shoulder release, and Carpal Tunnel surgery, and continued with severe chronic burning pain, migraine HA, episodes of "lightening-bolt" type pain, muscle spasms, and more.
I was referred to Dr. G. Shareghi, MD who heads the Milestone Pain Clinic in Coldwater, MI. Dr. Shareghi has prescribed multiple medications for me including... Oxycontin 40mg & 20mg, Oxy IR, Duragesic, Diamox, Bumex, Catapres, Transderm Scop, Robaxin, Fiber Laxative, Cardura, Amitriptyline, Temazepam, Zomig, Compazine Suppository, Lidoderm Patch, Miralex, Ambien, and Actiq 800mcg 2 lozenges 4x daily.
I have been using Actiq for approximately 2 - 21/2 years continuously as prescribed. I have had the same dentist- Dr. Robertson, DDS for the last 15 years. He has noticed an increase of cavities and a decline in my oral/dental health status over this past year. I have been using PreviDent 5000 Fluoride Booster toothpaste as prescribed by my dentist 2-3x daily. I am continuing to experience dental problems.
Could you please advise me of any knowledge you have of this problem, and suggestions for help in patients with on-going use of Actiq? I appreciate your time and any knowledge on this subject you can provide me.

Melissa Bouse
Coldwater, MI

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