Are there any long term side effects of Quinine sulphate

By Anindita from London on March 02, 2006
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I have a problem of cramps since childhood. I tried various medicines and was adviced to have calcium tablets 500mg everyday and i have been having them ever since. For the last 15 days i have severe cramps in my right leg and so much so that it was not possible for me to walk properly. I have got all my blood tests done and everything is normal. I was then adviced to have Quinine Sulphate 200mg which i will start having from today. My question is-:Is this a permanent way of reducing my cramps? Can i go on taking these medicines long term without any side effects? I am planning for a baby so is it safe to have the medicine? In case i am pregnant and have very severe cramps can i continue with this medicine without damaging me or the baby.
Are there any SOS medicines which can be localy applied to give an instant relief?

Quinine sulphate reply

My father has been prescribed 300mg quinine sulphate for his leg cramps. He suffers with atrial fibrillation and I am concerned about the effects of this medication on his heart.

By Andrea Lemon from United Kingdom on April 30, 2006 | Reply |

side effect concerns with quinine sulfate 325mg

My mom has been given this medication, Quinine Sulfate and has started taking it for about 6 days. It's 325mg at bedtime for her leg cramps. She is 82 and is also taking norvax, xylatan for treatment of borderline claucoma, and lipitor 10mg. She is experiencing dizzyness for the past 3days. Is this normal, is she taking to large of a dosage as I read about the normal mg for this medication is from 200-300. Her doctor is aware of all her other medications so she could have lower the dosage but it was not lower. Please let me know. Daina

By Unknown from Orange County, CA on June 21, 2006 | Reply |

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