can junel cause a skipped period?

By amanda on February 16, 2006
Category: Junel Fe 1/20 (Oral)

Hello, I'm 20 years old and i just started taking the pill about 3 months ago. i had had sex with my now ex boyfriend about a month ago and had my period 4 days later. i have yet to have this months period and im getting worried, i should have gotten it 2 days ago...

what should i do?

My experience with Junel Fe BC Pills


My doctor perscribed Junel Fe to me because I have heavy bleeding due to fibroids. I've been taking Junel Fe for 2 months and I have more bleeding, blood clots and abdominal pain, more than usual. I stopped taking them. It seems that it may have irritated my fibroids.

A brief internet study on Junel Fe, seems that Junel Fe may be pretty harsh on the body.




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