TriNessa - Recall of the drug?

By A on February 11, 2006
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My pharmacist told me that TriNessa had been re-called. They were not told thew reason. Please - I'm currently using it and would like to know exactly what the reason was for the re-call. I'm freaked out.

TriNessa - Recall of the drug

I am online trying to figure out if I can find any additional information on the recall too. I went today to pick up my new pack of pills today and the pharmacist told me about the recall. She said that some of the pills are ineffective. Pretty scary uh? They changed my prescription to Ortho Tri-Cyclen.

By Unknown on February 12, 2006 | Reply |

A few words about the TriNessa recall

The same thing happened to me earlier today. However, when I spoke with my pharmacist, she said that the drug had some sort of packaging problem. She wasn't sure if it affected the effectiveness. Seems like something more superficial like a manufacturer's problem with packaging.

By Unknown from Chicago on February 13, 2006 | Reply |

Tri-nessa consumer recall

This is in response to the tri nessa recall. i was freaking out too, then i called my pharmacy and the told me it was a consumer recall, meaning it had nothing to do with the effectiveness of the product. they said, what happened is that the manufacturer was bought out and in the process of changing manufacturers they are changing the packaging. so nothing to freak out about. I am still pretty pissed, because now i have been of it for 3 days and my cycle is all messed up now. anyway, i would recommend calling the pharamcy and getting a full explaination for yourself.

By victoria on February 13, 2006 | Reply |

Wanted to know the reason for TriNssa recall

Yeah the same thing happened to me today. strange... they wouldnt tell me the reason either... and sounded funny about it! I hope the problem with the recalled pills isnt TOO serious. Good luck ladies!

By Michelle from USA on February 13, 2006 | Reply |

TriNessa recall - I'm worried

My wife has also been told by her pharmacy that the drug has been recalled and has not been told why. We are also currently looking for the reason or reasons for the recall. The FDA's site does not even have it listed as an accepted drug.

By Don from ky on February 13, 2006 | Reply |

Recall for TriNessa? Why?

My pharmacist told me tonight that Trinessa has been recalled. I would really like to know the reason. Can others here help me find out what's going on?


By ADP from US on February 13, 2006 | Reply |

Why the recall?

If anyone has any solid info about this recall, Iím very concerned as well. I canít seem to get any answers from anyone. My
pharmacist has no idea and my doctor hasnít heard about the recall. I canít find anything online except this blog. If anyone
has any solid info, please email the link or the answer to

By Heidi from Phoenix, AZ on February 14, 2006 | Reply |

Recall of Trinessa

The same thing happened to me- I went to the pharmacy to pick up my monthy pack of trinessa. It wasn't filled becuase of the recall and they couldn't tell me why! Talk about freakin out!! I thought
it was a joke...

If anybody knows any information about the recall, why or what the problem was, please share it with me. Obvisouly I take birth control for a reason, I'm not quite ready to start a family yet...

By Unknown on February 14, 2006 | Reply |

Trinessa recall

I just called Watson Pharma and asked this very question b/c the same thing happened to me. They told me that the norgestimate level of the 1st week of active pills was found to be lower than what it was supposed to be, which is .18mg. They said that a safe level to prevent pregnancy is anything over .125mg, and trials showed that it was above this number, just lower than the expected .18mg.
There were no health related issues regarding safety.

By Amy from Virginia on February 14, 2006 | Reply |

Steps that have occurred to recall TriNessa

I called the manufacturer of Trinessa. Many lot numbers were recalled on February 9, 2006. The list of lot numbers was given to wholesalers who supply the drug to retail stores. The retail stores were then responsible for pulling the bad lot numbers off the shelf. I was told that their was "no risk to to the consumer" and that current and future supply should not be affected.

By Unknown on February 14, 2006 | Reply |

Ingredients in TriNessa may not be effective

I went to my pharmacy yesterday to pick up my refill of Trinessa and was told by my pharmacist that it had been recalled. He told me that 3 ingredients have been found not to be as effective as suppose to be in certain lots of the pill. All the lots that my pharmacy had been using and was currently using to fill prescriptions were in those recalled lot numbers. He told me they were trying to get something that would be
equivalent sent to them, not sure of the cost, just waiting to hear more. He seemed very uneasy talking about the whole thing, it really makes me wonder???? Not only will my cycle be messed up, but I am on alot of medications for an auto immune disorder and other things not meds you could be on to have a healthy pregnancy. Needless to say my husband and I were not happy to find out that we werenít possibly as protected as we thought from a pregnancy.
I too have looked everywhere on the internet and canít find anything, including the FDAís website.
I thinks its a shame that all these women are only finding this out upon going to pick up a refill. There should be more information provided to us.
Sherri in Michigan

By Sherri from Michigan on February 15, 2006 | Reply |

TriNessa may not be working properly

I was told that Trinessa was recalled because it was discovered that it may not be working completely. I have found several websites where users had significant weight gain, missed periods, abnormal bleeding, mood swings, depression, and headaches. I also experienced all of the above. Some women also stated that while on the pill they became pregnant although they werení t taking any antibiotics.

My doctor recommend going back on Ortho TriCyclen until another generic brand can come out however I am skeptical to take another generic brand. I have been off Trinessa and on Ortho for about a week and feel much better.

By Lisa on February 15, 2006 | Reply |

What's the deal?

I also got the same info. from my pharmacist that trinessa had been recalled and to call my doctor for another prescription. Don't have a lot of time to track down my doctor and have them prescribe something else so the pharmacist was able to fill Ortho-tri-cyclen. I have been on bcp for so long I don't know if I am having side effects are not. Are a lot of you experiencing side effects from trinessa or orthotricyclen? What kind of side effects? Do you have any recommendations for something that works better? Thanks for putting information out on this forum. It has been very helpful. Sounds like we don't need to be freaked out from the recall. Does anyone know differently?

By Worreid too on February 18, 2006 | Reply |


TriNessa was recalled due to its ineffectiveness. The only reason I heard anything about it is because I work in a pharmacy. For the past 3 months, I have been taking ineffective birth control pills. Iím not pregnant, but have had many side effects such as mood swings, acne breakouts and weight gain. If you are on TriNessa now, I recommend a backup method of birth control. We just got the new lot numbers in, but I am asking my doctor to switch my brand. I canít trust this company with my healthcare now.

By Unknown on February 19, 2006 | Reply |

Would the real reason please stand up? many conflicting reports here as to why TriNessa was indeed recalled. My pharmacist today told me that I had to get a different generic because it was recalled last week and that he didn't really have a reason why. He said he wouldn't be worried - but what can I say? He won't accidentally get pregnant! As a woman, it's kind of hard to heed such comments. After all, there is a slight failure risk with any pill, and then we need THIS on top of it? I was planning to go off the pills in a couple of months anyway and start trying to get pregnant...but that's not ultimately until the end of this summer. I know I'll be calling my doctor's office tomorrow - I'm due for my period this Thursday so I don't know if they'll want me to take a test now or just wait to see if my period comes or not. It would be nice if the FDA did mandate some kind of patient contacting.

I just called a local pharmacy - actually, I called 2 different ones - one pharmacy put me on hold for I just hung up on them. The other called me back saying that the expiration date was labeled as 24 months but whatever was dispensed should be used within the year. I still think I'll be calling my doctor tomorrow.

By Jenn from NH on February 19, 2006 | Reply |

TriNessa Recall

I went to the pharmacy on the 15th. I was told about the recall but like everyone else was just told that and nothing else. She have me Tri-Sprintec. She told me it's the same thing just a diffrent manufactor. I'm glad I didn't have to get Ortho-Tri Cyclen, as my incurance won't pay for it, only the generic versions. I paid the same price for the Tri-Sprintec that I did for TriNessa.

By Nicole on February 19, 2006 | Reply |

Talked to Pharmacist about TriNessa

I went and spoke with my pharmacist because this made me so nervous. I am due for refill next week, so I didnt know if mine had been recalled or not. He confirmed that there was a PHARMACY level recall on TriNessa (much as the women above have said) which was due to the fact that the manufacturor believed that the current inventory of pills would not last until the expiration date listed on the packs. He told me that the pills I was currently taking WERE effective and that the only concern was the pills that were stocked for future consumption. The pills have been replaced and he said I should not be concerned with taking them in the future. I dont know how you women feel, but I dont want to take any chances. I am going to have my doctor prescribe me a different medication! But to reiterate....supposedly there is NO danger to the consumer. (Otherwise they would have done a consumer recall instead of a pharmacy). Hope this helps.

By Kirsten from Madison, WI on February 20, 2006 | Reply |

Trinessa recall

I went to the pharmacy the other day and was told that Trinessa was recalled and that I would be recieving Tri-sprintec instead. Which is another generic for ortho tri cyclen. When i asked the pharmacist if I was "going to die", she said no and finished with it's a good thing you didn't become pregnant. Which I took as there was a low effective rate with trinessa. The new pills she said I could take as I would the others and not change a thing or use a backup method of birth control. I wonder why nobody elses pharmacy substituted tri-sprintec for them. If anybody has information on this please pass it on.

By Unknown on February 21, 2006 | Reply |

Miss Tri-Nessa

I love and miss Tri-Nessa! My pharmacist would only let me refill with Ortho-tricycline when Tri-Nessa was unavailable last month and Iím miserable. I am always hungry, have already gained three pounds, and started spotting during the beginning of week 2, which for me means that I will spot for another 2 weeks and have a full blown period. I was taking Tri-Nessa to regulate my periods, but also enjoyed a substantial weight loss and clear complexion. I had had problems gaining weight, breaking out, break through bleeding, and depression while on other pills in the past, but not with Tri-Nessa. Tri-Nessa has honestly been a miracle pill for me, so I really really hope everything turns out ok. I will keep checking this site for updates. Thank you everyone for your participation. I donít want to give up on Tri-Nessa quite yet.

By jhill2323 from Florida on February 24, 2006 | Reply |

Tri-Sprintec instead

I stopped to pick up my refill of Trinessa and my pharmacist, who is a good friend as well, also told me about the recall. He has substituted Tri-Sprintec and I was told it works the same way and costs about the same as Trinessa. He joked with me about Trinessa not working, and getting a pregnancy test.
When I got home, I jumped on here to find any information, but have been unsuccessful, except for this thread.
So - I'll be trying Tri-Sprintec.

By Unknown from Central New York on February 24, 2006 | Reply |

Took TriNessa, now pregnant

It's no joke. I was changed from Ortho TriCyclen to TriNessa in September and now I am pregnant. Apparently I have been taking the lot numbers for a few months that were ineffective. I would suggest everyone that has been on the medication to have a pregnancy test.

You can call Watson Pharmaceuticals for the list of defective product lot numbers. Look up Watson online and they will have a contact number.

By tina from seattle on February 24, 2006 | Reply |

Trinessa recall

I have been on Tri-Nessa for over two years now and have not experienced any side effects. This is my first script for BC and I was put on to regulate cramps (since I OD'ed on tylenol one month). I have been completely satisfied with this drug and I'm very unclear about the recall. I called the pharm and they basically told me why they generally take scripts off the shelf but didn't specify to my drug. I was given Tri-Sprintec and I have read AWFUL reviews about it, and here I am needing to start the pack tomorrow!!! <img src="/images/smilies/confused_smile.gif" alt="" /> But as far as your questions about Tri-Nessa, it worked miracles for me, cleared acne, almost diminished cramps, and lightened and shortened my monthly.

By Unknown on February 25, 2006 | Reply |

Tri-sprintec warning

you may want to read reviews of women taking this generic form before starting your pack, i was also switched to it, but i read the reviews and im pretty much scared to take it......facial hair and extreme moodiness......and iv had no problems with trinessa

By Unknown on February 25, 2006 | Reply |

Recall reason for TriNessa

After being given Tri-Sprintec by my pharmasist because of the recall on Tri-Nessa, I returned home and jumped on the internet to see if I could find information on the reason for the recall. I found nothing at all, so I called my friend who is a pharmasist and he told me that the recall has to do with expiration dates on the packages. There are 4 separate strenghts of pills in the package and one of those levels was expiring on a different date that the other 3. So, they pulled all the packages that were out there and people are being given another generic substitute, such as Tri-Sprintec.
I have no idea how this new stuff is going to effect me. I pray there are no side effects, because the only side effect I experienced with the Tri-Nessa was that I gained some weight.
Good luck to us all...

By Kathy from Central New York on February 26, 2006 | Reply |

Not so sure about continuing Trinessa...

As many of you have described, I too went to refill my prescription and was told that there was a recall on Trinessa. I was given Ortho Tri-cyclen instead, which I took for several years before being switched to the generic about 1 year ago. This mysterious and vague 'recall' prompted me to do some searching on the internet, and I have since found many upsetting comments and complaints about Trinessa. Suddenly I am realizing that many of the things I have been feeling may be related to my birth control. Have any of you had similar realizations??? I don't recall feeling this way on the brand name Ortho Tri-cyclen, but I am not so sure. Have any of you had negative experiences with Trinessa and not with the brand name?

By Cara from Brooklyn, NY on February 26, 2006 | Reply |

Tried to refill TriNessa and told about the recall

I also tried to refill my Tri-Nessa prescription today, and was informed by my pharmacist that it was recalled and discontinued. I've been searching the net looking for answers, and so far have seen that it's due to a company takeover and rebranding, new packing, wrong expiration dtes, and wrong hormone levels. However none of these reasons would warrant a complete recall and discontinuation of the product. That tells me it's something more serious.

I've been reading a lot of complaints about Tri-Nessa. My side effects came on gradually over a couple of months, so I didn't tie them to this pill. I've had weight gain in excess of 20 lbs, get horrible cramps with my periods, sore breasts, moodiness, headaches that just won't go away for days, and my doctor found a lump in my breast two weeks ago. Nothing showed up in the ultrasound, but the doctor in the hospital said he felt it too, and I have to keep checking it.

The pharmacy offered me Tri-Sprintec, but they gave me that once before and it made me <u>extremely</u> moody, so I'd be wary if I were you. Anyways I said I'd take the brand Ortho-Tri-Cyclen and just pay the higher co-pay. I'll let you all know if I find anything concrete.

By Unknown on March 01, 2006 | Reply |

Trinessa Recall

I also went to the pharmacy to get my script and was given trisprintec. I think we should call our local tv stations and report about how awful it is to be taking a medicine, and then have it recalled with no reason why. That way they can investigate it further, because whether it was packaging, expirations, or ineffectiveness. There are alot of pregnant women who had faith in taking their birth control and are now hating life for not being able to plan their pregnancies. I thankfully did not get pregnant, but over the last pack of trinessa i did take I had an awful two week long period extremely heavy and miserable. We as women and their customers should have been warned. We were treated unfairly by the pharmaceutical company and maybe we should file a class action law suit. Now trinessa is back on the shelves, how long will it be before another recall hits??? What ever your reason is for taking trinessa, we should all be able to rely on our medications. This is just horrible, and I am very upset that we weren't warned threw out the nation.

By Amber Arms from Indianapolis, IN on March 22, 2006 | Reply |

Glad I checked....

I just happened to check on the internet today to see if their were any side effects while using "Trinessa".  I have been faithfully using "Ortho-tricylen" for over 5 years and I absolutely don't want any children.  I went to pick up my pills a couple of wks. ago and the pharmacist handed me these pills I had never seen before.  I said to her what is this and she said these are your pills, I said no they aren't I take "Ortho-tri-cylen".  She said this is the generic version we don't have "Ortho-tri-cyclen right now.  It really ticked me off that they didn't tell me that they were switching my birth control. 

    I had already called my doctor and made an apt. to have my birth control change back to "Ortho-tri-cyclen".  I currently use condoms and pills religiously and tonight I am going to pick up a 3rd method of birth control tonight.


By Joey from Indy on August 31, 2006 | Reply |


I would advise no one to take trinessa because of the side effects.

By alisha from gunlock ky. on March 07, 2007 | Reply |

TriNessa Recall?

I just started taking Trinessa yesterday and after reading all these reviews, I'm wondering if I should stop taking it. How can I tell if my pack is recalled? I have a three month supply, but I don't want to take any risks.

By Unknown from Los Angeles, Ca on April 02, 2007 | Reply |

pregnant while taking Trinessa

I just started taking Trinessa at the end of May and I just found out yesterday I am pregnant.  If you choose to take Trinessa and you have sex use back up protection.  I called Watson to tell them I was pregnant and they told me that someone from the company woudl be calling me to answer any questions I have. 

By RG from CA on July 31, 2007 | Reply |


I was wondering if the recall is still going on? I am currently on TriNessa and have been for 4 1/2 months. I have never heard anything about this. I just had my 3rd child 6 months ago and not ready to have more. Let me know.

By Ashley from Newark, Ohio on November 11, 2007 | Reply |

No one told me..

I have never taken an oral contraceptive before. I went to the doctor to get a prescription for one and she prescribed me the generic version of Ortho Tri-Cyclen, TriNessa. I was never told about this recall and I have read hundreds of horror stories just by googling the word "TriNessa" to get some information. I'm not gullible, but it seems nothing good has come from this medication. I have decided not to take it as I was supposed to start next Sunday... but now I don't know what to do..

By Amanda from St. Louis on May 20, 2008 | Reply |


I have been taking TriNessa for about 3 months now and I have been experiencing SEVERE HEADACHES AND SEVERE STOMACH PAIN, VOMITING, LEG CRAMPS AND BACK PAIN, not to include the typical sideeffects such as nausia and weight gain. I already made an appointment with my doctor to change my prescription.

By Unknown from california on August 22, 2009 | Reply |

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