how much codeine in cheratussin?

By Carrie from Austin, Tx on February 04, 2006
Category: Cheratussin DAC (Oral)

I was prescribed Cheratussin for my cough. I have had problems taking hydrocodone in the past. I realize this is not the same. It is a Codeine cough syrup. I was just wondering how many mL of actual Codeine are in a teaspoon of Cheratussin?
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how much codeine in cheratussin?

i believe it is 10mg codiene per 5ml of solution...which gives 15-20ml's of solution the same effect (generally) as 1 tylenol #3...

By djkj6 from tampa, fl on July 09, 2007 | Reply |

your queation about cheratussin

Each 5ml of Cheratussin AC contains 10mg of Codeine and 100mg of Guafenesin

cough/cold med.

By kari from bb new york on April 01, 2008 | Reply |

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