Mefenamic Acid in children.

By Srikanth H.R. from Hyderabad, India. on February 02, 2006
Category: Mefenamic acid

I have two daughters, aged 6 and 3. Whenever they get fever, their pediatritian prescribes mefenamic acid syrup (Meftal-P) 100mg per 5 ml.

If the fever is high, we were told to give 10 ml twice daily for the elder child and 5 ml twice daily for the younger one.

After reading the article in your site which says that the drug is not safe for children under 14 years I am really alarmed.

We have been giving this medicine to our children frequently since they were 2 years old. So far the drug seems to have done no harm to either of them.

Please advice in detail regarding the side effects in children taking this drug.



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