What can I eat and not eat while taking Antabuse?

By dan m. from waterloo ia. on January 19, 2006
Category: Antabuse (Oral)

I would like to know if there is a list of foods to avoid while on antabuse. I know about checking labels and such. I guess I would just like to have a complete list of all the food ready on hand for convienence sake. Thank You P.S. also if you could give me a list of other products to avoid like lotions and such it wouild be much appreciated. Thanx

Foods to avoid while on Antabuse

Have you received a list of food/sauces/creams....etc to avoid? I have a prescription for Antabuse but the last thing I want is to get violently ill. Was a list provided to you? If so, I'd love a copy before I start with my medication. Thanks for information on Antabuse.

By Marla Schwartz from Toronto, Ontario on February 26, 2006 | Reply |

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