Are Nicotine patches making me tired and sleepy?

By Judith Hays from Hartford City, In. on January 14, 2006
Category: Nicotine transdermal system

Iam using Nicotine patches to help me quit smoking, I have used three patches the three days I have quit. Why am I so sleepy and tired? Iam a non insulin dependent diabtic, I take medication in pill form, I am so sleepy it is hard for me to get awake at all durning the day,


Nicotine patches can make you sleepy

It is entirely possible that the patch makes you sleepy. The patch makes me sleepy, but I also felt sleepy after a cigarette. My advice, as a long time patch user, is to decrease the level of your patch. I use 14 mg even though I could use 21 mg. If you can stand it, try the patch you are currently using for a few more days. You might lose the sleepy feeling.

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