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By Kim on January 08, 2006
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I was diagonosed with spondiyalitis, when I developed a case of irritis about 6 years ago. With the help of heavy doses of steroids etc. I have it under control. I went off all drugs 3 years ago. About every 18 months or so I will get the inflimation back in my left eye. The last time was in July 05'. It went undetected for 4 months because I have a high tollerence for pain, evidently. When I went to my eye doctor in Nov. for new contacts he found it. He also found that I had developed "water bubbles" in the back of my eye, causing my vison to be blurry. The initial prescription of Prednisolone eye drops (1 drop 4x aday for a week) did not work. He then "hit" it hard (1 drop every hour for 7 days) then (1 drop every 2 hours for 7 days) etc. I am sure you can see where I'm going. I am finally down to 1 drop 2x a day. My question is can this much Prednisolone cause me to gain weight? When I was first diagonosed 6 years ago the steroid my Dr. put me on cause me to gain 20 lbs one month. Since being on the Predisolone eye drops since Nov. I have gained 10 lbs and I was wondering if this could be the cause. Thanks Kim

Prednisone eye drops

Iam on these eye drops and iam having that proublem weight gain so iguest it makes you gain weight

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