Dristan Sinus no longer available

By Lance Yourdan from Fair Haven, Michigan, USA on January 07, 2006
Category: Dristan Sinus (Oral)

I am wondering why Dristan Sinus is no longer available at my local pharmacy.
My parents have gone to a few pharmacies and found that they no longer carry it.
I went to my local pharmacy only to find that they didn't have it but they did order it for me.
I have heard but I do not know if it is true that Dristan Sinus is no longer being manufactured.
Is this true?
Can you please let me know what is going on.
Thank You
Lance Yourdan

Dristan Sinus pills( Blue Box)

I have looked all over Lansing for the sinus pills and can't find anyone who carry's this product. Can you tell me if they are making this anymore? Thanks, Nancy Deatsman

By Nancy Deatsman from Lansing, Michigan 48917 on May 27, 2006 | Reply |

Dristan Sinus (Caplets)

I have also been searching for Dristan Sinus in the state of Arkansas with no luck.  Please tell us if this drug is still being manufactured, and if so, where we can purchase the product in our respective states.  I've been using this medication for years and find that it is the only product that relieves my symptoms without making me drowsy.  Any information will be appreciated!

By Debbie Hadsel on October 18, 2006 | Reply |

Dristan Sinus

I, too, have been trying to locate the blue box that contains Dristan Sinus pills.  I've been told they have been brought behind the counter because of the drug "pseudoephedrine" that it contains.

This is the ONLY medication that relieves my sinus headaches, and believe i have tried everything to try to get rid of them with other medications.  Please don't tell me i can no longer purchase this product.  More importantly, please tell me where i can purchase it and i will stock up.  hopefully the makers of dristan sinus will make it available to those of us who cannot make it through those horrible sinus headaches without!

looking for relieve and assistance.

patty thomas, tenafly nj


By Patty Thomas from Tenafly, NJ on November 12, 2006 | Reply |

Former Dristan Sinus User

I too have not been able to find Dristan Sinus in the blue box.  I was told by Drug Fair Pharmacy that according to their computer the product is "DISCONTINUED"..... SORRY. 

By Liz from New Jersey from Central New Jersey on January 22, 2008 | Reply |

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