Tri-Sprintec vs. Ortho Tri-Cyclen

By Unknown from Pasadena, CA on January 05, 2006
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I have heard many people are having problems when switching from Ortho Tri-Cyclen to the generic brand, Tri-Sprintec. What are the differences between the two? And as a person currently making this switch, what can I expect?

Tri-Sprintec vs. Ocvon 35

I was taken Ocvon 35 for the last 10 years. This work good for me no side effects. When I went to fill my months prescription they told me that they didn't have this (Ocvon 35) on the market anymore. I then call my doctor to see what he would recommend for me to take. My doctor prescribed the Tri-Sprintec birth control pill for me he says it is similiar to the Ocvon 35 pill. Is this true?? Today is my first day taking the new pill (Tri-Sprintec) I been feeling funny in the stomach. I think its because I just started taken them and the new pill needs to get into my system. I always took my pill correctly and on time each day. I'm very concern about this. I have my boyfriend coming into town to visit next month I want to find out if this pill (Tri-Sprintec) is going to work like the old one did. I know we will be having sex while he is here. I will give the Tri-Sprintec an 2 weeks try, if I keep feeling nausea in the stomach everyday until then i'm going to call my doctor and tell him to find other type of birth control for me. Can you give me some more information about the Tri-Sprintec birth control?? What I been reading on the Tri-Sprintec pill it sounds like it has a lot of side effects. I definitely don't need that especially when my boyfriend is coming home. We both are not ready for a baby right now.

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