can i take mucinex if i have asthma?

By Barbara Higgins from Virginia Beach, VA. on January 05, 2006
Category: Mucinex (Oral)

I have asthma and was wondering if i can take mucinex?
My doctor said to get it but i am worried if this is a decongestant and could cause the mucus to go into my lungs?
Thank you

Taking Mucinex while having Asthma

Yes, you can take mucinex. I have very bad asthma and have taken mucinex for several prolonged periods of time. Mucinex will help you get the congestion out of your chest - it will not dry you out or cause congestion to build up in your chest. It works really well and will help you clear congestion much quicker and easier!

By Laurie from Louisiana on April 23, 2006 | Reply |

mucinex and asthma

What will happen if I take Mucinex OTC and have emphysema? It really helps me and cuts way down on my coughing...the package info says "don't take", but since it is the only thing that has helped me, I wonder what bad things I might be getting in return for the relief it affords...Can anyone tell me?

By Kathie Wooster from Palm Springs, CA on October 02, 2006 | Reply |

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