Overdose of Verapamil???

By herm w from usa on January 02, 2006
Category: Verapamil

When I take Verapamil, 240 mg twice daily as prescribed, I experience fatique, decressed blood pressure as low as70/40, decressed pluse 35-40, cramps and extreme nausea for six to eight hours. Needless to say it scares the hell out of me. I decreased my doseage to one-half 240 mg pill twice daily, but I don't have good blood pressure readings, usually 140/80's. I have no heart problems but I am diabetic and also take 40mg enalapril once daily and 50mg Atenolol twice daily.I will see my physician next week but can you recommend a proper doseage of Verapamil.

Thanks so much
Herm W

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