How long to use Necon 1/35 before (time frame)?

By Cj from Jefferson City, MO on November 29, 2005
Category: Necon 1/35 (Oral)

It's been a long time since I have been on the pill. My question is simple. How long after taking Necon 1/35 properly (not missing any doses)., before I can have intercourse. I have read the accompanying paperwork with the prescription, but it does not clearly state this.

I appreciate your enlightenment on this topic.

thank you.

time frame

To answer your question, I've taken the pill for about 2 years and my doctor says that you need to take the pill for at least 2 months (w/o missing a dose)  before having intercourse without other protection.  It is one of the strongest birth control pills and it has worked for me so far. So, about 2 months, even though every doctor will tell you that NO pill is 100% accurate and it is always a good safety precaution to use other protection

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