Does quinine work better then clonapin for RLS?

By molly from portland oregon on November 10, 2005
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Hello. Long story short, in October 2000 I was seen by nuerologists & surgeons in the pain clinic @ OHSU hospital in portland oregon and was told I was inoperable. The terms meralgia parethistica & spinal stenosis were thrown around. The main findings were: the conus terminates at L1. L2-3 had circumferncial disc bulge results in right formidble stenosis. L3-4 has mild facet degeneration. L4-5 has broad based disc bulge & mild facet degeneration w/o canal stenosis. L5-S1 moderate bilateral facet degeneration resulting in mild bi-lat neural foraminal stenosis. Mild degenerative disc disease from L2-3 through L5-S1, most pronounced at L2-3.
so they then put me on:
500mg robaxin 1 tbs, 4 t/i/d
400mg neurontin 3cps, 3 t/i/d
4mg zanaflex 2tbs, 4 t/i/d
40mg oxycontin 1tbs, 2 t/i/d
50mg trazadon 1tbs, 1 @ night aid w/sleeping
My oxycontin has been raised twice since oct 2000, the first time it was from 2tabs to 3tabs per day. Then it was raised again to 4tabs per day. I have to set an alarm to wake up at 8:30am to take my first 40, then take another one at 10a before I can even get up & get moving around. The trazadone never helped with the numbness I would get in my thighs when I lie down at night. my feet/lower extremities are now swelling so bad some days that i cannot wear shoes & it feels like they are going to pop cause of the pressure from the swelling. We did blood work to check on liver & kidney functions, but i was told all was fine. So my i was researching on the web, and found this disease called RLS (restless leg syndrome)and it is almost exactly my same conditions that i have been complaining about since 2001. So i may an appt, ask him about RLS, and my doctor tells me to drink tonic water..... UGH!!! i tried that, but no help. still can't sleep. I am trying clonezepam, (which says is for RLS) and wondering why i just picked up script for quinine sulfate 325mg? Quinine shows for malaria, i don't have malaria?!?! I can't sleep. I rub my feet together, if not that, then i literally rock back & forth to help me fall asleep.(i have done this since i was about 5yrs old) Or is it because my doctor doesn't want to give any more 'addictive' type pills, even though they are the ones most prescribed for it?? i am very frustrated, and after reading the information on your website about quinine, even more confused. the pharmacist said to only take at night & other then upset stomach or heartburn, little to no side effects, but it doesn't focus on the restless legs syndrome. please help. i feel like i am spinning my wheels again.

Quinine also for cramps

I was just prescribed Quinine for cramps in my feet because they have been curling up at night and some cramps behind the knees. I was told this is just not for Maleria it will work for the cramps. I have been on it now for 6 days and seems to being doing fine. My doctor told me this drug dates back to when the Indians used to take it by chewing tree bark for old remedies of ailments.

By Audrey from Houston, Texas on December 20, 2005 | Reply |

Quinine sulfate for leg cramps

I have a life partner who was prescribed quinine sulfate for leg cramps at night and got so violently ill taking them the 2 times he tried, he had to stop.

He had severe shaking, muscle tightening, cramping in his stomach, chills and red rash on his face and trunk. He shook so hard and then would sweat and chill so badly that it really scared us. Nausea, no vomiting and the next day he is so sore he can't be touched hardly.

I just looked this up and these are the symptoms of what they term "hypersensitivity " o this drug, Quinine sulfate, so he needs to go back to his MD for another night leg cramp solution, Qunine is for leg cramps though not just for malaria.

I take clonazepam for night back pain and my MD stated she gave it to me becasue it is for muscle spasms and it prevents this. I had 2 back surgeries and can only lay in 1 position to sleep and cramping and stiffness and any sleep at all was a huge problem.

Since these pills, Clonazepam, I sleep so wonderfully and I don't take them every night just when my legs are tingling and I know there is no way to get comfortable and have any hope of sleeping. After 6 years of not sleeping but maybe 1-2 hours at a time, I started these 4 years ago and ever since I can go see my MD with little pain and a restful peace I haven't had for over 15 years (before the back surgeries) and after!!

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I hope to clarify, I mean clonapin for night cramps and back pain to sleep. I think the other name (clonazepam) is either a brand or generic, I don’t know which for this drug.

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I have been in chronic pain for the last thirty years and not much has helped. All my muscles cramp up onme.Imagine having charlie horses 23/7. I took quinine in pill form and it made me quite ill. then i started drinking it in tonic water. It took a couple of weeks, but it did work. My cramps are only half as bad as they were.

By JACKEE from Stockton,CA on April 23, 2007 | Reply |

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