Amount of Hydrocodone in Codiclear DH per teaspoon?

By Dave Soveran from Atlanta, GA on November 03, 2005
Category: Codiclear DH (Oral)

I occasionally take Hydrocodone APAP 10/500 (or often just half a scored tablet as needed from time to time especially when I travel long distances via car or aircraft - though I take it AFTER the trip not while driving, of course!)

I also get really bad brochitis 2-4 times a year and generally take Codiclear DH (Hydrocodone+Guaifenesin) over a period of 2-4 weeks as it is often persistent and quite bad especially if post nasal drip leaves me with that awful "tickle" in center of my chest - drives me crazy with the dry hacking cough once the initial cold-like symptoms subside, i.e. - nothing to "expectorate" so the hydrocodome (or on some occasions I use Tussionex Susp if it is really bad.) I have had these repseratory problems as long as 10 weeks.

Anyway...back to the question I have as I naturally do not take both medications since they are the same (Hydrocodone) at the same time.

However, I cannot find any information as to how much Hydrocodone (in mg, let's say) there is in a teaspoon of something like Codiclear DH. Any ideas or information...I couldn't get an answer from either my doctor or pharmacist. Go figure.

Thanks for any information you might have on this. Again, this is a generic for Codiclear DH (Hydrocodone + Guaifenesin liquid.)

Dave Soveran

PS - Also....I am curious about the effective duration of this medication. I find it lasts no longer than 4 hours tops (as does the pain medication Hydrocodone/APAP 10/500) but I have been prescribed the Codiclear generic for anywhere from 1 teaspoon every 4 hrs; 8hrs; 12 hrs. Any help here as to the this question?

how much hydrocodone in codiclear dh?

You probably already know this, but the amount is 5mg/tsp. This is pretty much universal with all hydrocodone cough syrups with the exception of Tussionex which is a time-realease suspension.

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