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By John DiVincenzo from Melborne Australia on November 03, 2005
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I'm taking indapamide hamihydrate (Dapa Tabs) for blood pressure. Is it true that its side affect lowers the potasium? If so what the alternative? Please advise.
Thank you kindly

Dapa Tabs and potassium depletion

       I have been on Dapa Tabs for about 18 months for high blood pressure. The other week I had my first attack of atrial fibrillation which lasted for 3 hours with heart rate of 190 beats per minute until stabilised in hospital emergency dept. There was no apparent cause for the attack, but my potsaaium was a littlelow at 3.1. I was given a small amount of intravenous potassium followed by a powerful drug (can't remember the name)  which very effectively returned heart to normal within a few minutes. My GP has now taken me off Dapa Tabs completely because they are considered by her to be the culprits, but I won't know for certain until next appointment in two days. For some intuitive reason I had suspected my medication was leaching potassium out of my body in spite of the very good diet I enjoy, plus I am taking potassium and magnesium supplements, but I didn't know which medication it was, out of the three I was taking for hypertension. I am 74 and was at risk of cardiac arrest under the prolonged strain caused by such a high pulse rate. There is also the risk of clots forming due to insufficient blood flow, and deprivation of oxygen to vital organs, including hrain, for same reason, so it's not wise to be too complacent about such a situation. Hope this info helps somewhat. M.

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