Pot CL Micro 20 MEQ ER Tabs- Mfg. Sandoz

By Doreen McGettigan from Lansdale, PA on October 08, 2017
Category: POTASSIUM CHLORIDE (Oral) (Tablet)

I take this drug (potassium). Since the pill is so big, I split it and take half in morn and half at night. However, the half is still too large and scratchy to swallow, and it often gets stuck in my throat causing me to choke and unable to get my breath. This has happened a few times now and I hesitate to take it due to that problem. My throat is very small. I note one should not crush the pill or dissolve it in water. Is there a substitute for this pill as I do not feel I can take it this way anymore? Last night I chiocked in a restaurant trying to take it with my other pills, and I thought I was going to die trying to get my breathe. It then leaves my throat very raw from all the coughing. Is there another brand that will give me what I need and not cause this problem?

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