Is Neosol suitable to treat sore throat and cough?

By T.S. Tan from Visiting Seoul on April 14, 2016
Category: Neosol (Oral)

I have a sore throat and cough.
Went to a pharmacy in Seoul and asked for some medication for some throat and cough. I pointed to my throat and coughed for him to see what I meant.
He handed me a box of "Neosol" and said to take one, three times day. I then asked if he had Strepsils and he handed me a box of it.
I took the Strepsils to relieve my cough, but did not take the Neosol yet.
Later before taking the Neosol ,I Google to find out more aboat Neosol. After reading about Neosol,I wondered if Neosol is suitsble for sore throat and cough.


the same thing happened to me while on a business trip to Suwon (significant suburb of Seoul). I became ill after arriving with a cold and felt terrible. I went to the hospital and using an English interpreter was prescribed with several medicines, including Neosol. From the website descriptions I'm reading this medicine has nothing to do with cold symptoms. Do the Koreans routinely prescribe this for some reason?

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