Seizures, Severe joint pain, Hypoglycemia

By Doreen Mack from NV on February 08, 2009
Category: Omeprazole

I am 55 years old and I started taking Omeprazole for an ulcer on Nov. 11 2008, almost 3 months ago.  I then started having nocturnal seizures, I have had 4.    December 4, December 28 (2) and January 27.   I just saw a report as this being one of the SEVERE side effects ~ seizures.I am stopping this drug immediately, Will the seizures stop with stopping the medication?  I was in good health till I started this drug for an ulcer, which is now gone.

I have also, developed severe knee and arm pain.  Is this one of the side effects of this drug? 

Does Omeprazole cause Hypoglycemia?

Awaiting your response,

Doreen Mack

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