Correctol - side effects - is this normal?

By Kristi Thompson from Fort Worth, Texas on May 13, 2008
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I took two Correctol laxatives; one Sunday evening at about 6 pm and the other Sunday night at 10 pm.  I woke up at 2 am with the worst pain I've had in a long time.  I would actually compare the intensity of it to childbirth.  I was also sweating profusely and felt as though I would vomit.  This lasted for 15 to 20 minutes.  Since then, I have stomach pains anytime I eat or drink something.  I just wondered if this is normal or have I done some damage to my insides.  Any information you can share on this would be helpful.  Thank you.

Shouldn't be expected but maybe more common than they suggest


On Tuesday night of this week (today is July 3, 2009) I took <u>one</u> Correctol tablet before going to bed at around 11:00.  At about 4:00 am, I, too, woke up with the worst pain I can recall having.  I have given birth four times and never was the pain as severe and intense as this was.  I described it to my sister as feeling like a red hot sharp knife was cutting my stomach (not in my bowels, but in the upper abdomen) from the inside out.  I, too, was sweating and wanted to throw up.  I also was hyperventilating and feared I would pass out.  I made my way to the kitchen while doubled over in pain and got a glass of ice water which I partially drank and partially used to douse my neck with.  I made it back to bed and the pain began to subside, but the sweating continued.  Soon, the sweating and feeling hot gave way to shivering and freezing.  Keeping in mind that we are having 103 degree weather here.  It was miserable.  I will never again use Correctol nor will I recommend it to my patients, family, or friends.  I cannot believe this is what they refer to when they claim "Safe, Gentle, Effective Relief".  It was effective.  The next day I had two bouts of severe, explosive diarrhea.  Safe?  Gentle?  Not in my case.

By Teresa from Jonesboro, Louisiana on July 03, 2009 | Reply |

CORRECTOL Bisacodyl Danger

I had the exact same reaction in July and have now written NO in great big letters on the box. I actually called 911 since I did not think I was going to live through it. Worst pain I have ever experienced. This word needs to get out. Very scary.

By SML from NJ on November 23, 2015 | Reply |

Very scary pain

I took 2 Correctol around 7 pm and woke up less than 12 hours later feeling nauseous, sweaty, and with abdominal pain.

Made it to the bathroom where I felt like I might pass out and very seriously thought about calling 911 when the severe abdominal pain/cramping hit me so hard I too started to compare it to labor pains.

I have never had such painful cramping! Ever! I've had food poisoning a few times and bad stomach viruses but nothing ever hurt this bad. Finally the explosive diarrhea hit after 30 minutes of pain and weakness.

Heck no will I take this again. I was very scared that my toddler would find me passed out on the floor in need of emergency care.

By Amy from Winston Salem, NC on January 08, 2016 | Reply |

Horrible pain

Same thing happened go me. That is the worst pain. I actually thought I might die. I was sweating with the worst upper stomach pain.

By Sharon from Mississippi on March 26, 2018 | Reply |

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