masturbation and shrinkage in penis size

By reddy kumar from Hyderabad,India on February 05, 2008
Category: Men's Sexual Issues


I am Kumar<span>  </span>from Hyderabad , India aged 27 years unmarried guy.

I have a problem. I am masturbating since 7 years on an average 4 times a

week from the age of 21. now i feel my penis became narrow in the base and

the penis size is drastically reduced,.the girth and length were reduced and

even if i have erection i cant last longer. the erect penis size is only 10

cms. i am very frustated and worrying a lot on this bad masturbating

habit.My penis has also been bent to the left side with right hand masturbation.


<span> </span>see in my case i lost penis hardness

which i had before starting masturbation at the age of 21 before 7 years

from now. my penis lookslike a child penis. i dont know whether i can

satisfy my wife or not..iam NOT GETTING

rock hard erections like what I used to get when I am 21 before I started




So would be great if you can answer my concerns and suggest me the possible

ways how I can getback my erectile stamina . ways how I can getback my erectile stamina . I used to masturbate watching porn movie and rubbing my penis for atleast 1 hour and then ejaculate. will this cause flaccid penis length is 6.5 cms-7 cms and erected penis length is 9.5 cms





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