I need to know if it is ok to take centrum silver with lisinopril/hctz

By Lesandra De Marco from San Diego, CA on January 18, 2008
Category: Centrum Silver (Oral)


I am taking high blood presure pills. (Lisinopril/Hctz Tab 10-12.5)  when i started taking them i read the label -- "do not to take any added potassium".  I stoped taking my multiple vitamins.  However, I need to take vitamins.  I started getting cramps at night from the lack of potassium and eating 2-3 bananas a day along with a, c, e, etc, etc. is getting old.  I also need other nutriants which are found in a good multilple vitamin.  Fortunately, there isn't anything else wrong with me accept my high blood presure. (which is hereditary and I do work for a law firm :)  I am 61 years old. that should say it all. Please advise.

Thank You,

Lesandra De Marco

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