is this drug used for a patient with life expectancy's of less the 5 years

By william yeck from Colorado Springs, Colorado on November 09, 2007
Category: AMIODARONE (Oral) (Tablet)

I have had one (1) heart attack back in 1988. Then in 2002 I had an electrical problem with my heart< and went into V-Fib twice (same episode).

I am a patient at the heart clinic of the rockies, Ft. Collins, Colorado, and have been  since 1988.

 I trust most of the doctors there because I used to work as a PA in the emergency room.

 Yesterday I was told that the drug Amiodarone is used in patients with an expected short (5 years or less) life expectancy. I never heard of this before.

In addition I have an implanted defibrillator (Medtronics) with pacing capabilities. This device went off approx. 4 months ago. Before having my ICD checked, the Doctor upped my dose of coreg to

(12.5 TID and my amiodarone to Mg BID).  When the device or my ICD was checked about one month after it had (gone off), I was told that I had gone into  A-Fib, so the device delivered the shock and was well.

I do not know if the information I was given by the drug store is true. If I only have a little time left, there are some things I would like to do. ( I am sure you get my drift).

In addition, I have been diag. as having, CHF,CAD, and the electrical problem. I had a bypass X 4 in 1998 but right this moment I feel fine.

Help if you can. Like I said I used to work in the emergency room and air life so you don't have to sugar coat your reply.

 Thanks for your time

William yeck PA-C retired

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