Cartia XT ER and Flecainide ACE side affects

By Tim Garroutte from Wichita Kansas on August 22, 2007
Category: Cartia XT (Oral)

Background:  I am 56 years old.  I have had atrial fiberlation for several years but didn't know it until I went to a heart doctor for a stress test when I was 55.  He put me on Rythmol which made me worse.  I had an ablation which also did not correct the issue.  They switched me to Pacerone and things were better.  Six months later I had another  bout of atril fib.  A rythm heart doctor prescribed the meds in my question below.  I went three months with out taking meds and only had a some short three to ten second flurries of atrial fib.  I started taking the medicine the doctor prescribed three weeks ago to see how it affected my heart which raises my question below.


I have been taking Cartia XT ER CAP 120MG Andrx once a day and Flecainide ACE Tab 100 MG Bar twice a day for three weeks.  I was wondering how the meds work and what the side effects are in paticular to depresion.  I don't beleive I have depresion before taking the meds but I do now and don't seam to have much ambition.  I also feel very tired.  I am considering to stop taking the meds.

Do I realy need to take medicine if I only have short periods of atrial fib?  I think I felt better without it.


Thank you

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