Does errin or any form of POPs help in clearing acne?

By portia from US on August 11, 2007
Category: Errin (Oral)

I just started on Errin 6wks after giving birth.My doctor prescribed the mini pill since im still breastfeeding.Ive always been unresponsive to otc topical medication for acne even prior to getting pregnant.I read that the combined OC pill helps in clearing acne as they have estrogen in it and that progestin only pill makes acne worse.Is this true or is it just different for every woman? Do you suggest i switch to combined OC pill or give more time to the mini pill? Its just been a week since i started and i dont have any side effects or maybe its too early to tell if it does have any on my body just yet.

Errin and acne

I have been on Errin for 9 months and started to get terrible acne after about a month of being on it. It has gotten much worse over time and I never had acne like this before. Prior to this I was using Ortho Tri Cyclen and I do believe it helped with my acne a lot. I'm going to switch this year if my doctor will let me.

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