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By Mari from Kansas City, MO on August 08, 2007
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I have been taking Errin Tablets 28 for one month now, and have not had my period since I started taking them. They are all the same color, and don't ever remember taking any bc that wasn't at least two different colors. I've only missed one pill but have been taking them continuously. Don't know what I should do.

same thing here

I am exactly where you are- my body is ready for my period- has been for at least 4 days and I only have one pill left of Errin 28  when do we get our period?! I am not on it for birth control just to see if will shrink some cysts...

By Laurie on October 13, 2007 | Reply |

answer to maybe help with your question

Hey. I take the same bc and my doctor told me they are the same color b/c they are all active. I know that w/ other bc the inactive were different colors. My period was irregular for the 1st 2 months but has been regular now for the past year. I love errin! Hope this helps some.

By Jennifer on October 30, 2007 | Reply |

Please give a answer

I have been taking Errin for 2 months. the first month I got my period 2 time . The first period was the Tuesday of week 2 of starting my pills and the secound time that I got my period   was the tuesday of week 4. On my secound month I got my period Tuesday of week 2 ,but know I am on the last 3 pills of the secound month and I haven not got my piriod jet.. I am scare because I have missed a copple of my pills but I have eather taken them as soon as I remember if is not long after the time I had to take it or I take both the next day.  

By Yirabel Rosario from Bronx ,NY on December 17, 2008 | Reply |

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