Can I cut patches in half? I had severe withdrawal after 7 mg. patches

By Debbie from Hanson, KY on April 17, 2007
Category: Nicotine transdermal system

I have used the patches for 10 weeks: 21 mg for 6 weeks, 14 mg. for 2 weeks and 7 mg. for 2 weeks. I am also on Zyban. The combination has proved to be very successful and I had very little withdrawal (a few bad moments, but was able to get through them). HOWEVER, after stopping the 7 mg. patch, I had severe withdrawal after a couple of days. It was so bad, I cried - and finally had 1/2 of a cigarette - then hurriedly went to the drug store and bought some quit smoking lozenges. I really don't like the lozenges as they burn my mouth and taste horrid.

The question I have is can I cut the 7 mg. patch in half and safely use 1/2 dose for 2-4 more weeks to cut down on the nicotine even further? If my withdrawal from 7 mg. to nothing was this bad, I would hate to see what cold turkey would have been.

I want to give this up in the worst way. Please advise.


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