Jolivette and when i have my period?

By alicia from atlanta ga. on April 08, 2007
Category: Jolivette (Oral)

I am start taking jolivette tablet march 11 2007 and i finish all the pills april 7 so when i am going to have my period?

To answer your question?

Hello Alicia,

 My name is Melissa and I gave Birth on July 6,2009. On August 15th I just started to take the pill Jolivette for the first time.  Yesterday August 19th I stated to notice I was getting my period. Today is Agust 20th the second day, I've confirmed I am on my period, so I guess the pill Jolivette works diffrent in other bodys.

Thank  you,

Melissa Melgoza

By Melissa Melgoza from Salinas,CA on August 20, 2009 | Reply |

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