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By Ruth Poore from Emmaus PA 18049 on January 24, 2007
Category: Oxybutynin chloride

I have been taking ovybutybnin 10 mg for at least 3-4 months. I am constipated. So much so that I had to dig out the dry marbled pieces of stool! This has happened twice. Doctor sent me to a gastrologist and in Feb. I will get an upper and then 10 days later lower GI. I have a 5 cm hiatal hernia and am now on Metimuscil 3 times a day. This helps but stool is still hard -- no need to wipe! I think the oxybutybnin is the problem. Also I have a severe Wet Macular Degeneration in my right eye. My left eye is counting blind since birth. It is IMPORTANT TO ME TO KNOW IF This medication causes any problems to the macular or retina parts of my eye. Please response ASAP. Thank you. Ruth

Please do not give my e-mail to anyone else. I hope this review is FREE. I am 74 yr old female I am in the midst of changing my only other Rx medication which was brand name and now Drugist/Doctor changed it to protonix 40 mg. This is or Hiatal hernia. Thanking you in advance.





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