taking and breastfeeding!

By Michelle from San Antonio, TX on November 06, 2006
Category: Errin (Oral)

I have an 11 week old son; our first child and when he was 5 weeks old my doctor prescribed me for the "mini pill". So when I went  to pick it up, they of course substituted it. I'm not too sure what she prescribed me but the prescription I picked up was called Errin Tablet BRR. I used it the whole 28 days every single day at the same time just as instructed.

But the problem: I am brestfeeding! I had noone tell me that this was not to be used while breastfeeding. The information sheet that comes with your prescription said to let your doctor know if you are brestfeeding... well my doctor was well informed that I was going to be breastfeeding from the beginning, which is WHY she said I would need to take a progestin-only pill. She kept saying my options were going to be bery limited.

So I guess what I am trying to say is how is this going to effect our son and/or me? I am so upset right now to find this out but very glad that it was only for a month that I was using this brand.

Side Effects:  

When I went to put in a refill for the second month (not knowing what I know now) when I picked it up, it was AGAIN substituted for another brand, this time called "Camila" which I am currently taking. Now after looking at both website's list of side effect.... I have noticed they are very much similar which is why my second question is being asked here. For almost 2 weeks now, I have had many menstral-like cramping and nausea too. I also have had for everyday now horrible headaches and dizziness, I am SO EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED! Now I can understand if the headaches, dizziness and tiredness are from having a newborn in the house now, but not like this, not this extreme have I ever experienced it! The nausea is questioning too! I did take a pregnancy test 5-6 days again which came back negative since I have missed this last months period (my next period should be here on the 22nd).

Please help me know what's going on and especially if I need to do something to protect the health and saftey of our son! What could this have caused? What should I be on the look-out for? Do I need to worry about "Camila" too?

Thank you so much!!




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