Effects of stopping after long usage

By Rchard Lempert from Arlington, VA on October 23, 2006
Category: Omeprazole

I have been taking prilosec daily for GIRD for many years despite limits indicated in packaged literature. I have done this after different doctors have approved and told me there were no long term side effects. I would like to stop given packaged cautions and the fact I am getting older (64), but I fear the ecology of my GI system may have changes such that beneficial bacteria etc. are accustomed to a lower acvid environment and problems could be posed by stopping. Am i right to be concerned? Is there any information about the consequences of ceasing prilosec (omeprazole) after very long term use? Is there any way to taper off and allow for as more gradual transition back to normal stomach acidity? Finally, if I cease and GIRD returns should I resume daily treatment?
Thank you for any guidance you can give.

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