Sex Drive

By Kristin from Medford, Minnesota on October 04, 2006
Category: Nadolol

I have been taking Nadolol to reduce the amount of migraine headaches that I get. I am wodering if taking Nadolol can effect a woman's sex drive. I can't really pin point when my desire for sex began to decrease and I'm not sure why this has happened. I've heard that it is common in men who take blood pressure medication, to lose their sex drive. I also feel depressed, which I am sure does not help with my sex drive, however the depression is recent and the lack of desire for sexual intercourse has been going on for maybe 2 years. I am thirty-six years old and think that I am too young to be experiencing this.

I was taking Atenolol a few months ago and switched to Nadolol once I thought that might have something to do with my change in desire. Since I have switched to Nadolol, I've noticed that I have been very sad and feeling not much worth. I'm tired all the time. What scares me lately is that I am having bad thoughts about doing unthinkable things, which is not at all like me. Could any of this be from taking the Nadolol? I am thinking of no longer taking this or any other beta blocker.


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