Camila while breastfeeding/Camila while period

By Aliza Kessler on September 27, 2006
Category: Camila (Oral)

Hi. I am27 years old. I have an 8 week old baby and I just started using Camila Oral today. Before I started using it I noticed cramping. I might be getting my period. If I took the Camila Oral will that prevent me from getting my period? Also, can I breastfeed while taking this medication? My doctor who prescribed this medication knows that I am breastfeeding but I have read other places that this medicine passes into breastmilk and can be dangerous. I appreciate a response. Thanks.


Hello, I started taking camila a month after i had my son. I didn't have a period until my son was 5 months and I'm still breastfeeding. He is know 8 months and i'm still having a period but sometimes its twice a month, its very irregular which is one of the side affects. Can't wait to get on normal birthcontrol.

By amanda from tennessee on October 07, 2006 | Reply |

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