puppies less than 10 weeks of age with no hair on the feet /tails/balk spots on body

By Cathy Pitts from Dadeville, AL on September 20, 2006
Category: Ivermectin

Neighbors female dog had 4 puppies. Mother dog has raised bumps on face, body, and legs that have no hair on them. I gave her a dose of ivermectin Saturday. My two dogs have each 1 or 2 bumps on them. The puppies have no hair on their feet, no hair on the underside of their tails and some of them have bald spots on their bodies. They are less than 10 weeks of age. They are too young for paramite dipping. Can they get ivermectin? The neighbors don't care for their animals. I have taken care of two other litters of this female and given them to good homes. My male dog is the father. I feel semi-responsible for them as well as feel sorry for them and hate to see them suffer.

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