Isotretinoin killed my clitoris and Lord only knows what it did to my brain

By sanae from morocco, rabat on September 20, 2006
Category: Isotretinoin

HI, I am writing because i have been lately very concerned about my health, i have taken the first course of isotretinoin treatment for 20 weeks: 20mg / day the first 4 weeks and 10mg/day for 16 weeks, and from which i emerged with no serious damage, then i decided to take another course of treatment 2 months later 10mg / day just because i noticed that there are still some comedones on my chest. during the second treatment i started to notice serious side effects like sexual impotence, i mean my clitoris is no longer aroused in addition to a severe vaginal dryness, terrible headache, backache and difficulty walking. I immediately stopped taking the pills. The backache has gone but the sexual problem as well as the pressure in my brain and headaches persisted. Am scared to death and desperately in need of help and some counseling. I have done some research on the net and knew that these problems are mainly due to a serious decline in estrogen level, my questions then are: can i have my estrogen back naturally or is it gone forever and what do you suggest i should take as a first serious step?

Thank you for your time and help

sincerely yours

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