What's the little pill inside Alavert D12?

By Jodie from California on September 20, 2006
Category: Alavert D-12 Hour (Oral)

Hello. I tried to split an Alavert D 12 hour extended release (Loratadine and pseudoephedrine) and found a tiny, white, round pill inside the main pill. (Round like a clock face, not a baseball). Can someone please tell me what exactly the small pill is? I cannot seem to find the information on the www and it's not on the box. Thanks for your help - much appreciated.


This is an extended release tablet. That means it's specially coated so that it dissolves slowly over time to release the medicine over a period of time, in this case, 12 hours. You are not supposed to split it since that would cause too much medicine to be release too quickly. The medicine is the tablet on the inside, the outer portion is the special coating. Never split timed-release tablets. Buy a smaller does tablet or a non-timed release one if you need to split it smaller.

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