Use of Nitroglycerin Patch in Treating Brown Recluse Spider Bites

By Colleen Lucas from Texarkana, Texas on September 06, 2006
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I have received a bite from a Brown Recluse with the usual symptoms of a dime sized area of necrotic tussue and the reddened area the size of a football.  I have read of a treatment on the net using a Nitroglycerin Patch directly over the bite area to promote blood flow.  I would very much like to hear what comments anyone would have to such treatment.  The idea of lancing the wound to remove necrotic tissue is not attractive to me. 

on Recluse spiders

on Recluse spiders are nasty as you can see in these phoots. I had one bite me on one of my legs. I'm ok now and the muscle that got rotted is filling in nicely. I hope the same happens for your Pop but it will take time. I got bit over ten years ago and its taken this long to have the area fill back in so as to not be obvious that it ever happened.*Big Hugs for both of yas!*

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