Use of Nitroglycerin Patch in Treating Brown Recluse Spider Bites

By Colleen Lucas from Texarkana, Texas on September 06, 2006
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I have received a bite from a Brown Recluse with the usual symptoms of a dime sized area of necrotic tussue and the reddened area the size of a football.  I have read of a treatment on the net using a Nitroglycerin Patch directly over the bite area to promote blood flow.  I would very much like to hear what comments anyone would have to such treatment.  The idea of lancing the wound to remove necrotic tissue is not attractive to me. 

Nitroglycerin instantly cures brown recluse spider bites

Nitroglycerin definitely works for brown recluse spider bites. When I was bit The Rotten spot in the middle of the bite doubled in size every day period on day 3 it was an inch across and my leg was swollen so badly . My entire leg was swollen up and the blood flow was being restricted in my whole leg. Dr. Talked about amputation then I found the nitroglycerin patch idea online. Within seconds of putting on the patch the pain in my leg disappeared antibiotics were already in my bloodstream and they were able to reach the bite area finally. Within minutes the redness started to dissipate. It was a complete reversal of what had been happening over the last 3 days.

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