Amiodarone and Iodine injection for Cat Scan

By Catherine Deauville from Melrose, Scotland UK on September 06, 2006
Category: AMIODARONE (Oral) (Tablet)

I have taken 200mg of Amiodarone  daily,for the past 11 years.

 Last week ,I had a Cat Scan done, and had a reaction ,to the Iodine injection.  Immediately after the injection, I developed , very high blood pressure ,and a dreadful headache, like a vise squeezing my temples, just awful !

I still have a residual headache and have taken painkillers since then. Normally, I never get a headache.

Could this reaction have been caused by the Amiodarone ?

I am interested in your reply.

Thank you in advance, Catherine.

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