By Harmony from IL, USA on August 19, 2006
Category: Errin (Oral)

I recently began taking ERRIN and am breastfeeding my new daughter. What risks/side effects to the baby are associated with breastfeeding and taking this form of birth control?

Breastfeeding and Errin Tabs

Hello I was wondering the same too, but the information that came with my prescripiton states that "If you are breastfeeding, POPs will not affect the quality or amount of your breastmilk or the health of your nursing baby", so I assume it is okay. 

By Van from Irving, TX on September 04, 2006 | Reply |


I am also breastfeeding and my doctor recommended this pill saying I would not have to worry about problems breastfeeding.  Apparently the dose is very low..  I have noticed weight gain and increase of appetite.

By lyn from San Francisco on November 02, 2006 | Reply |

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