Isoniazid side effects(I am still havin hard time breathing )

By Elif Thompson from USA, VA on August 13, 2006
Category: Isoniazid

<div> </div><div> Hi, my name is Elif . Iam Turkish and i had to take tb test formy school and I came false positive . Back in turkey we had live bacteria so thats why Icome positive . About 2 monts ago I stared to use isoniazid 300mg . After i started to use it I started to fell tingle in my finger and toes even though I use vitamin b6 . My urinate turned to dark yellow and I started to have trouble breathing , but I didn't think because of medicine . A mount later I was gaspin for a breath I called my doctor and asked him about it he sais that it is totally safe madication ,they even give it to pregnat women . He said my be because the wheather is so hot , or he made me feel like Iam in depression so I shoul go see my family doctor or goto emercineroom so I did because I was gasping for a breath. So emergine doctor took x-r he said everting is fine and he gave me zaynax for five days I started to take it I started to think I am having panic attack . Next day I wet to see my family doctor and he gave me zolof I used it about a month still I was havin hard time to breath Zolof made me like I am drunk thatis it . The doctor who gave me tb medication didin't do a blood test if the medication is effecting my liver or not . He just made made me start the tb medication . And and my metabolizm went up I gess because I feel more hungry and I eat more than used to and I lost couple pound . I feel so energetic most of time until 1 pm Iam cleaning or cooking .M y questions is Am I having side effect of tb medication . I dont' want to damage my liver. Thank you for your information and your succestions .</div><div>Elif Thompson</div>

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