What is white pill marked PVK500 one side, 66/950 other

By Laura from Indpls, IN on August 05, 2006
Category: Prescription Drug Reference

What is white pill, scored down the middle with PVK 500 on one side and 66/950 or 056/99 on the other?

These are Penicillin 500Mg

Have these pills with the above numbers on them. PVK500 on one side, 66/950 on the othere side. I know they are penicillin 500Mg. any idea how old they might be and would they still have any value. If taken, can they be harmful?

By Onalee Wasserburger from USA - Portland, Oregon on January 02, 2007 | Reply |


YOU are FUCKING RETARTED.. its morphine. not fucking penasilin.

By BILL on March 11, 2009 | Reply |

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