who manufactures Glipizide XL?

By david Beers from Houston on July 30, 2006
Category: GLIPIZIDE (Oral) (Tablet)

I just want to know who makes GlipiZide XL so I can get the companies mailing address.

I have a prescription from my doctor to submit to the company for some glipizide XL to


My only tip on potty

My only tip on potty training is that every kid is dreieffnt! With my daughter, when it seemed like she was ready (several successful trips to the toilet) I started having her wear underpants instead of diapers at home. After a couple accidents, she figured out she would rather use the toilet than get herself wet. With my son, this same technique resulted in him refusing to allow me to put underpants on him, because he does not like to get wet! So he is back to diapers. We have tried a reward system, and it can be a nice incentive, and some people recommend getting a special toy for the child that he/she can only use while on the toilet. Whatever works, right? Basically, the main tip is PATIENCE!

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